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Automation Control Environment (ACE)


Automation Control Environment (ACE)

ACE provides a host of innovative features that allow you to increase productivity while streamlining configuration setup

ACE software is available to download from the Omron US website.

ACE is a PC-based software package that helps you quickly and easily set up your robot system. The software makes it easy to configure single and multi-robot systems.

• ACE PackXpert is the intelligent software choice designed to manage packaging systems from integration to deployment

• ACE PackXpert provides the underlying robot programming based on the system configuration

• Built-in customization allows for any line configuration and advanced load balancing

• Wizard-based user-friendly interface to calibrate and teach the robots

• Tightly-integrated vision option (ACE Sight) enables vision guided conveyor-tracking

• Display and share process statistics

• Built-in UI Builder to create a custom operator interface

ACE PackXpert

The ACE PackXpert is intelligent software designed to manage a packaging line from integration and deployment through operation. The software walks you through the configuration of packaging applications by setting up process-specific items, such as controllers, robots, and conveyor belts.

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Note: When ACE PackXpert is used to configure an application, robot cycle time may vary between the SmartController EX and eAIB/eMotionBox.