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Non-stop cutting! A sheet is fed continuously on a production line and cut to the specified dimension without stopping the line. The encoder on the measuring roll measures the length of the feed amount, which serves as the basis of the operation of the cutter. Cutting time (the blade intersection time) is synchronized to the line speed, and the cutter is accelerated or decelerated in the remaining time to cut to the preset dimension. This motion controller is also suitable for printing process and applications that match the timing between lines.
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Operating the Rotary Cutter of a Packaging / Food Processing Machine


The high-speed cycle and high level of processing functions enable synchronous control of electronic cams using either a cam table method or a data processing method. In particular, when the data processing method is used, it is possible to realize a high-speed control cycle during processing, enabling the cam to be changed during operation. When using the cam table method, tables can be linked and used even while switching cam tables, enabling high-resolution curves.


The high-speed cycle and processing method of the FQM1 enable flexible cam patterns.

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