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Application Solutions

Omron provides innovative solutions for various industries.

You may select the applications that you are looking for by industry, work and process or product category. And with the Application Selector, you can define your search further by simply selecting the requirements that fit your needs.

You can also look for application solutions by entering your keywords in the search box below.

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10 Pickup Applications

  Detect Individually Wrapped Candy
E3Z-LS Distance-Settable Photoelectric Sensor
  Detect Small Amount of Silver Paste
E3C-LD11 + E3C-LDA Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Amplifier
  Securing a Stepping Motor Magnet
ZUV UV-LED Irradiator
  Detect Metal Cassettes in Medical Fluid Tank
E2FQ Inductive Proximity Sensor
  High-speed Control of Oven Furnace via EtherCAT
OMNUC G5 Series EtherCAT Servo System
  Ionizes PET Bottles on Conveyors
ZJ-BAS Ionizer (Bar Type)
  Detects Milk in Paper Cartons
E2K-C Capacitive Proximity Sensor
  Detects Wafer Cassette Racks
E3T Miniature Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier
  Detects Presence of Sheet Materials
E3Z-LS63/83 Distance-Settable Photoelectric Sensor