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Store work instructions and information (e.g., product information, process instructions and information, process completion information, substrate information, and inspection results) in the ID Tags mounted to the cassettes to enable distributed management of the necessary information.
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Mount ID Tags, which have high environment resistance (that is, resistant to water and chemicals, with a long life expectancy) and high reading/writing reliability, to the cassettes.


• Unlike production control systems that use bar codes, repeated exchanges with the host are not necessary and production can proceed based on the information in the ID Tags. This makes for a simpler production program and system.
• The read/write reliability is high and so problems such as line stoppages due to errors can be avoided.
• RFID uses non-contact communications and so there are no particles or other matter generated, contributing to a higher yield rate.
• Replacing bar code labels and other similar kinds of maintenance are not required, enabling reductions in running costs.

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