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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Safety Door Switches

Door Switches without guard locking monitor the state of guards or covers.

Safety Door Switches List

There are 4 products of Safety Door Switches.

D4NS, D4NS-SK Safety-door Switch D4NS, D4NS-SK

Multi-contact, Labor-saving, Environment-friendly, Next-generation Safety-door Switch

D4GS-N Slim Safety Door Switch D4GS-N

Slim Safety Door Switches with IP67 Rating

D4NH Safety-door Hinge Switch D4NH

Compact, Plastic-body Safety-door Hinge Switch Designed for Saving Space in Machines and Other Equipment

D4BS Safety-door Switch D4BS

The Special Operation Key Activates a Direct Opening Mechanism to Open the Contacts and Shut Off Control Circuits when Protective Doors Are Opened on Machine Tools or Other Equipment