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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


S8VK-S (30/60/120/240/480-W Models)


A Perfect Fit for Small Control Panels Coated PCBs for Better Resistance to Environment Connections for Easy Wiring

[For building green control panels] Reducing GHG emissions of control panels

Our low power consumption devices allow you to easily build power-saving control panels, without compromising design philosophy.

Effect in reducing power loss through the selection of highly efficient DC power sources

CO2 is one of the greenhouse gas (GHG). Using a more efficient DC power source reduces the power consumed within control panel and consequently reduces CO2 emissions.

Case example

S8VK-S Features 3

*2. Estimated on 8h/day x 365 days, 180 W output power, 1 Wh=0.4591 g (the in-house conversion rate from electricity to
      CO2 emission).

[Further Evolution for Panels] Space-saving and high functionality of control panel

Unified height reduces dead-space and miniaturizes control panel

S8VK-S Features 5

Value Design for Panel compliant switching power supplies, noise filters, and DC electronic circuit protectors are standardized in height.Reduces dead-space and reduces the size of control panel.

S8VK-S Features 6

*1. Height: 124 mm, but S8V-CP0824 excluded

Contact mounting possible at an ambient temperature of 55°C *1

Close mounting can greatly reduce the installation space.
*1. Refer to the Catalog of each product for detailed usage conditions.

S8VK-S Features 7

[Innovation for design, building Process] Shortening Lead Time for Control Panel Building

Compatible with eCAD and worldwide safety standards, accelerating an entire process of control panel manufacturing

[Design] The most suitable products can be selected from a wide range of input specifications and capacity types, dramatically reducing design work

eCAD library provided for all models greatly reduces design work

S8VK-S Features 10

Compatible with eCAD and worldwide safety standards, accelerating an entire process of control panel manufacturing.
OMRON provides the libraries for over 48,000 models*1, highest in the industry, to achieve the great reduction of works for electrical design drawing and data creation.
*1. Based on Omron investigation as of December 2020 for EPLAN
*2. For the Zuken E3.seires

eCAD Partners

S8VK-S Features 11

By cooperating with various partners, we offer you more choices for your eCAD solutions.
E3.series is a product name of Zuken Inc. for their Electrical and Control Cable Design Solution. EPLAN is a registered trademark of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG.

[Assembly/Wiring] Push-In Plus technology requires only a single step,greatly reducing wiring work

S8VK-S Features 12

*3. Information for Push-In Plus and Screw Terminal Blocks is based on OMRON's actual measurement data

[Simple & Easy People] Reducing Wiring Work

Push-In Plus technology and Front-in / Front-release Wiring allow wiring work easier and speedier.

Front-in Wiring improves workability and safety without interference of wires even in the narrow space among devices

S8VK-S Features 14

Easy wiring with push-in plus technology is also available for the large capacity of power supplies

S8VK-S Features 15