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Displacement Sensor: Threshold Value Cannot be Set

FAQ No. FAQ00471

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The threshold value cannot be set. What is causing this, and what can be done to resolve it?


Cause 1:

The HIGH threshold value is set lower than the LOW threshold value.

In this case, the following error message will be displayed.


Attempted to set the LOW threshold value higher than the HIGH threshold value

Attempted to set the HIGH threshold value lower than the LOW threshold value

Remedy 1:

Make sure that the HIGH threshold value is set higher than the LOW threshold value.

Cause 2:

The hysteresis (Hys) is too high. If this is the case, the difference between the HIGH threshold value and the LOW threshold value is smaller than the hysteresis value, so that a PASS judgment is not possible. The setting is thus not allowed.

Remedy 2:

Make the hysteresis value smaller to avoid the condition described above.