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Digital Panel Meter: Steps to Reduce Noise

FAQ No. FAQ00833

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Let me know about the noise suppression of the Digital Panel Meter.


1. How to suppress the noise

Place the Digital Panel Meter away as far as possible from equipment generating strong high frequency wave or surge.

Install a surge absorber or a noise filter into peripheral equipment such as motor, transformer, solenoid, magnet coil which especially contains inductance component.

To prevent inductive noise, wire the terminal block of the unit separately from the high-voltage and large-current power line. Furthermore, avoid parallel wiring or shared wiring paths with power lines. It is also effective to separate the pipe line and the duct or to use shielded cables.

In the case when a noise filter is used with the power source, install the noise filter as close as possible to the Digital Panel Meter after checking the power voltage and current.

2. In the case of Analog Signal Input

Applicable Digital Panel Meter


3. In the case of Temperature Input

Separate a lead wire connecting a temperature sensor and the unit from the power supply line and the loading line in order to avoid the influence of induction.

If it is used close to the radio, TV and wireless devices, it may cause poor reception.

Applicable Digital Panel Meter