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G3PX Input Terminal Connection

FAQ No. FAQ01851

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Which terminals should the G3PX Power Controller inputs be connected to?


It depends on the type of input.

1. Analog Inputs

(1) 4 to 20-mA or 1 to 5-V Inputs

Terminals: 4 and 5

Note:The terminals are the same (4 and 5) for both current and voltage inputs.

Input impedance: 250 Ω

(2) Analog Inputs Using External Main Setting

2. ON/OFF Pulse Inputs

Terminal numbers 3 to 5

(1) Power ON/OFF Pulse Signal Inputs


(2) Contact ON/OFF Pulse Signal Inputs

Note:There is only one input of whatever kind. The G3PX may be damaged if there is more than one signal is input.