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General-purpose Relay: Switch 10A at 100 VAC

FAQ No. FAQ02812

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Can any of MY2 General-purpose Relays switch 10 A at 100 VAC?


The maximum contact current for MY2 Series is 5 A. Consider using an LY2 Series General-purpose Relays for operation at 10 A.

LY2 Series have the following contact ratings. Switching at 10 A is possible with 110-VAC or 24-VDC resistive loads. If using an inductive load, 7.5 A at 110 VAC or 5 A at 24 VDC can be used.

LY2 Series Contact Ratings (Check whether the specifications are suitable.)

2 poles
Resistive loadInductive load
(cos Φ = 0.4, L/R = 7 ms)
Contact typeSingle
Contact materialAgCdO
Rated load110 VAC 10 A
24 VDC 10 A
110 VAC 7.5 A
24 VDC 5 A
Rated carry current10 A
Maximum switching voltage250 VAC, 125 VDC
Maximum switching current10 A10 A