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Programmable Relay: ZEN Support Software

FAQ No. FAQ04289

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ZEN Programmable Relays: What can I do with the Support Software?


You can write ladder programs, monitor programs online, set parameters, print, and save files with the Support Software. The software allows you to program quite easily from a window in the Windows environment. The system reguirements are given below.

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, NT4.0 Service Pack 3, Vista or 7.

CPU Unit: Pentium 133 MHz or better recommanded

Memory: 64 MB or more

HDD: 40 Mbytes or more of available disk capacity

CD-ROM drive: Required

Communications: 1 serial port (COM port)

Keyboard and mouse: Required

Monitor: 800 x 600 dot (SVGA) min., 256 colors min.