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Relay Terminal


Space-saving and Labor-saving 8-point Output Block


Relay Specifications (G2R Relay)

The following specifications apply to G2R Relays mounted in a G70R-SOC08 Relay Terminal and not the G2R Relay itself.

Coil Ratings (per G2R Relay)

Rated voltage 24 V DC
Rated current 25.8 mA
Coil resistance 1,100 Ω
Must-operate voltage 70% max. of rated voltage
Must release voltage 15% min. of rated voltage
Max. voltage 130% of rated voltage
Power consumption Approx. 530 mW

Note: 1. The must-operate voltage is 75% or less of the rated voltage if the relay is mounted upside down.
         2. Rated current and coil resistance were measured at a coil temperature of 23° C with a tolerance of ±10%.
         3. Operating characteristics were measured at a coil temperature of 23° C.
         4. The maximum allowable voltage is the maximum value of the allowable voltage range for the relay coil operating
             power supply. There is no continuous allowance.
         5. The rated current includes the terminal’s LED current.

Contact Ratings (per G2R Relay)

Load Resistive load (cosφ = 1)
Rated load 10 A at 250 V AC, 10 A at 30 V DC
Rated carry current 10 A
Max. switching voltage 380 V AC, 125 V DC
Max. switching current 10 A
Max. switching capacity
(reference value)
2,500 VA, 300 W
Min. permissible load
(reference value) *
10 mA at 5 V DC
Endurance Electrical 100,000 operations min. (under and at the rated load at 1,800 operations/h)
Mechanical 10,000,000 operations min. (at 18,000 operations/h)

* This value is for a switching frequency of 120 times per minute.


Model G70R-SOC08
Classification Relay outputs
Contact configuration 8 points (SPST-NO × 8)
Contact structure Single
Contact resistance *1 30 mΩ max.
Must-operate time *2 15 ms max.
Release time *2 15 ms max.
Max. switching
Mechanical 18,000 operations/h
Rated load 1,800 operations/h
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 V DC)
Between coil and contact 2,000 V AC for 1 min between coil and contact
Between contacts of same
750 V AC for 1 min
Between contacts of different
1,500 V AC for 1 min
Destruction 10 to 55 to 10 Hz, 0.5-mm amplitude (1.0-mm double)
Malfunction 10 to 55 to 10 Hz, 0.5-mm amplitude (1.0-mm double)
Destruction 300 m/s2
Malfunction 100 m/s2
Power input (normal mode) 600 V for 10 min with a pulse width of 100 ns to 1 μs
Power input (common mode) 1.5 kV for 10 min with a pulse width of 100 ns to 1 μs
Input cable (coiling) 1.5 kV for 10 min with a pulse width of 100 ns to 1 μs
Unit body (coiling) 600 V for 10 min with a pulse width of 100 ns to 1 μs
Operating voltage range 24 V DC +10%/-15%
Current consumption *3 Approx. 185 mA at 24 V DC
Cable length Between block and controller 5 m max. (reference value for AWG24)
Between block and external
Determine appropriate length for the connected load.
LED indicator color Orange
Coil surge absorber Diode
Ambient operating temperature -10 to 55°C
Ambient storage temperature 35% to 85%
Ambient operating humidity -20 to 65°C
Mounting strength No damage when 49 N pull load was applied for 1 s in all directions
(except for 9.8 N in direction of rail)
Tightening torque 9.8 N·m
Pull strength 49 N for 1 min
Weight Approx. 350 g

Note: These values are initial values.
*1. Measurement: 1 A at 5 V DC
*2. Ambient temperature: 23°C
*3. The current consumption is the value when all points are ON and includes the G2R Relay coil current.