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Smart Electrostatic Sensor


Smart Static Electricity Sensing: Making Static Electricity Visible

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Product Format Product Description CAD Download
ZJ-SD100 Electrostatic Sensor , Sensor Unit , Sensing Distance 5 to 100 mm 2D / 3D
ZJ-SDA11 Electrostatic Sensor , Amplifier Unit , NPN Transistor Output 2D / 3D
ZX-CAL2 Computing Unit 2D / 3D
ZX-XBT1 Preamplifier Mounting Bracket 2D / 3D
ZX-XBT2 Preamplifier Mounting Bracket , For DIN Track Mounting 2D / 3D
ZX-SF11 Communication Interface Unit 2D / 3D
ZX-XC1A Two-Sided Connector Cable , For Extension , 1m 2D / 3D
ZX-XC4A Two-Sided Connector Cable , For Extension , 4m 2D / 3D