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Discontinued On Mar. 2015


Compact Pre-wired Photomicrosensor with Built-in Amplifier (Non-modulated)


Meeting Customer Needs with Compact Sensors that Mount with M3 Screws

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A Compact Size and Choice of Five Models for a Wide Range of Applications

Select any of five models to minimize the space required.

EE-SX91 Features 3 EE-SX91_Features1

Flexible Robot Cables: Standard on All Models

Robot Cables are effective for moving parts, and are provided as standard equipment with all models.

Both Light-ON and Dark-ON Outputs

Both light-ON and dark-ON outputs are provided on all models, allowing outputs to be switched by simply changing the wiring according to the application.

Compact NPN and PNP Output Models

Both NPN and PNP output models are available for use according to system requirements.

Safer Operation with Built-in Power Supply Reverse Polarity Protection

The built-in power supply reverse polarity protection protects against reverse connection of the power supply or outputs for safer operation at the assembly site.

EE-SX91 Features 12 EE-SX91_Features2

Indicator Visible from Many Directions for Installation in Any Location

The light indicator can be checked from up to four directions.

EE-SX91 Features 15 EE-SX91_Features3

Mount Using M3 or M2 Screws

The EE-SX91 can be mounted using M3 or M2 screws, so it can easily replace an existing compact sensor mounted with M2 screws.

EE-SX91 Features 18 EE-SX91_Features4