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Discontinued On Mar. 2015


Liquid Leakage Position Sensor


Pinpoint Liquid Leakage Detection at Up to 600 m. Easy Setup and Installation.

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Find the Location of a Leak.

Even unseen places under the floor can be pinpointed and restored.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 2

Liquid leakage locations are displayed in meters. The meter displays can be converted into area displays for up to 20 areas. In addition, the Sensor can be used in combination with a touch panel to visually display the leakage location as seen from the floor.

Observe Changes in the Extent of Leakage.

Detection of the extent of leakage and occurrence of a leak in another place.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 4

With previous Sensors, when leakage occurred at a second location after having first been detected at one location, the position display for the first location was changed and the display value became unreliable. The client had to guess at the position of the leakage. With the K7L-UP, the position display for the first leak remains unchanged even when a second leak is detected.
Note: The values in parentheses represent the second leakage location (reference value) after the leakage at the first location has been wiped off.

Leakage Can Be Monitored at Long Distance.

Monitoring at Up to 600 m with a Single Sensor.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 6

Liquid leakage sensor cable, general-purpose cable and Area Separator can be combined for a total length of up to 600 m. Being able to efficiently combine these cables helps lower costs.

Can Be Used in a Clean Room.

The liquid leakage sensor cable is made of fluorocarbon resin for worry-free use.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 8

The liquid leakage sensor cable is made of fluorocarbon resin with chemical-resistant materials. There is little out gas and it can be used without worry in a clean room.

Easy to Use

Connectors make it easy to connect and disconnect.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 10

Installation and replacement are made easy with connectors.
In addition, flexible cables make wiring easy.

The Starting Position for Leakage Monitoring Can Be Shifted.

The location of the leakage detection is now easier to understand.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 12

This function changes the 0-m position for the sensor cable.
When there is a distance between the K7L-UP and the place where the leakage is detected, the display can be made easier to understand by changing any distance to 0 m.

Compensation Is Enabled for Discrepancies between Blueprints and Actual Sites.

Compensation can be used to adjust for actual site conditions.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 14

This function changes the length of the sensor cable to any value.
When there is a discrepancy between the actual length and the measured length, this figure can be compensated to any value.

Connect to Essentially Any Device.

A Wide Selection of Outputs from a Relay Output to Communications Output to Suit the System.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 16

Relay outputs (NO/NC) and 4 to 20-mA outputs are supported, as well as RS-485 communications (CompoWay/F and Modbus), making it easy to connect to a PLC or touch panel.

Suitable for Use Around the World.

The Sensor conforms to international safety standards, and the display can be switched between English and Japanese.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 18

The Sensor can be used with assurance that it conforms with CE standards. cUL standards. In addition, support of English and Japanese displays and a wide power supply range (100 to 240 AC) allow it to be used worldwide.

Catch the Liquid leak point by Area.

Divide into up to 20 areas and monitor it.

K7L-UP-FLK Features 20

Leak positions in meters can be divided into up to 20 areas. F03-20UP-AS Area Separators can be used to enable accurately identifying the detection area in which a leak has occurred even when the leak occurs near an area boundary.