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Discontinued On Sep. 2016


Vision sensor software for Glue Bead Inspection


Automatically calculated glue width and detected angled gaps even complex curved path.

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Accurate calculation with any path, any environment

High accurate inspection of the complex path

FZ3-UGI / UGIH Features 2

With Omron's original automatic outline scanning technology, automatically calculated glue width and detected angled gaps even complex curved path. Logging the data of glue condition, utilizing for quality control and traceability.

Identify glue independent of environmental change

Inspection troubles by glare, changes in lighting condeition, and variations in metal workpieces are resolved by powerful image processing technology (HDR = high dynamic range processing). Responding to changes in lighting and surface, the technology delivers high detecting accuracy.

FZ3-UGI / UGIH Features 4
FZ3-UGI / UGIH Features 5

Detects complex paths with Easy set-up

Defect the glue path outline simply by defining the start and finish point on the screen. No expert knowledge is required.

FZ3-UGI / UGIH Features 6

Visible results enable quick error analysis

Graphical scan image is shown on-screen, allowing immediate analysis and quick correction of errors.

FZ3-UGI / UGIH Features 7