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Non-ferrous-metal-detecting Proximity Sensor (Separate Amplifier Type)


Achieve stable detection of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

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Product Format Product Description CAD Download
E2CY-SD11 Amplifier Unit , Open Collector , NPN 2D / 3D
E2CY-C1R5A-1 Sensor Unit , 5.4mm Dia. , Stable Sensing Distance , 1.5mm 2D / 3D
E2CY-C2A Sensor Unit , 8mm Dia. , Stable Sensing Distance , 2mm 2D / 3D
E2CY-V3A Sensor Unit , Flat Model , Stable Sensing Distance , 3mm 2D / 3D
E2CY-X1R5A Sensor Unit , M5 , Stable Sensing Distance , 1.5mm 2D / 3D