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E39-L93[] / L150 / L151 / L98

Sensor Adjuster, Cover Fittings

E39-L93[] / L150 / L151 / L98

Easy to Adjust for the Required Application with a Broad Range of Variations

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Product Format Product Description CAD Download
E39-L93FH Sensor Adjuster , Horizontal Mounting, Flexible Type 2D / 3D
E39-L93FV Sensor Adjuster , Vertical Mounting, Flexible Type 2D / 3D
E39-L93H Sensor Adjuster , Horizontal Mounting, Fixed Type 2D / 3D
E39-L93V Sensor Adjuster , Vertical Mounting, Fixed Type 2D / 3D
E39-L93XY Sensor Adjuster , Shaft With XY Joint 2D / 3D
E39-L96 Mounting Attachment for E39-L93[] 2D / 3D
E39-L97 Mounting Bracket 2D / 3D
E39-L98 Metal Protective Cover Bracket , Cover Fitting for Vertical Type 2D / 3D
E39-L150 Sensor Adjuster 2D / 3D
E39-L151 Sensor Adjuster 2D / 3D