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Discontinued On Mar. 2017


Latching Relay


Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Control

* Information in this page is a reference that you created on the basis of information in the product catalog before the end of production, may be different from the current situation, such as goods for / supported standards options / price / features of the product. Before using, please check the compatibility and safety system.


G2AK Dimensions 1

Arc Barrier Equipped Models

with Plug-in Terminals

G2AK Dimensions 3

with PCB Terminals

G2AK Dimensions 4

Fully Sealed Models

with Plug-in Terminals

G2AK Dimensions 6

with PCB Terminals

G2AK Dimensions 7

Mounting Holes on
PCB (Bottom View)

Note: Dimensional tolerances are ±0.1 mm

G2AK Dimensions 8

Terminal Arrangement/Internal Connections (Bottom View)

G2AK Dimensions 9

Note: Terminals (Nos. 12 and 9) are pulled from the respective junctions between the diode and set coil and between the
          diode and reset coil. Use these terminals through external connection for selective use or non-use of the diodes as
          well as for surge prevention.