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A22E / A22NE-P

Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches (22-dia. or 25-dia.)

A22E / A22NE-P

Install in 22-dia. or 25-dia. Panel Cutout (When Using a Ring)


Global Edition

For ordering in Malaysia, please note some product models not sold in Malaysia may be included in the following catalog(s) for our global customers.

*It is recommended to select “Save” from the right-click due to large size of catalog PDF data.

Catalog Name Catalog Number
Last Update
A22E/A22NE-P Data Sheet A263-E1-02
May 09, 2018
A22E/A22NE-P Data Sheet
A22N-P/A30N-P, M22N-P, A22NE-P Catalog A253-E1-03
Jan 15, 2018
A22N-P/A30N-P, M22N-P, A22NE-P Catalog
Innovation in Control Panel Building Y218-E1-03
Oct 02, 2017
Innovation in Control Panel Building