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Discontinued On Mar. 2017


Solid-state Timer


Economical, Compact, Plug-in Timer

* Information in this page is a reference that you created on the basis of information in the product catalog before the end of production, may be different from the current situation, such as goods for / supported standards options / price / features of the product. Before using, please check the compatibility and safety system.

resetting system
Mounting method Rated time Model
Time-limit operation/
SPDT Surface mounting, flush mounting,
and DIN track mounting
1 s, 3 s, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, 60 s,
3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min,
60 min, 3 hrs

Note: Specify the model number, supply voltage, and rated time when ordering.

H3JA Lineup 2

Accessories (Order Separately)

Name/specifications Models
Flush Mounting Adapter Y92F-31
Mounting Track 50 cm (l) × 7.3 mm (t) PFP-50N
1 m (l) × 7.3 mm (t) PFP-100N
1 m (l) × 16 mm (t) PFP-100N2
End Plate PFP-M
Spacer PFP-S
Track Mounting/Front Connecting Socket 8-pin PF085A
Back Connecting Socket 8-pin US08
8-pin P3G-08
8-pin, finger safe type P3G-08 with Y92A-48G *1
Hold-down Clip *2 For PF085A Socket Y92H-6

*1. Y92A-48G is a finger safe terminal cover which is attached to the P3G-08 Socket.
*2. Hold-down Clips are sold in sets of two.