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F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

Sensing Band/Liquid Leakage Point Sensor

F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

A New Liquid Leakage Point Sensor Has Been Added to the K7L Series. Fluoroplastic Coating on the Bottom Electrode Ensures Chemical Resistance.

Sensing Band

Name Model number Remarks
Liquid Leakage Sensing Band F03-16PE ---
Sensing Band Stickers F03-26PES
30 Stickers per set
30 Stickers per set

Sensing Band

Name Model number Remarks
Fluoroplastic Sensing Band F03-16PT ---
Fluoroplastic Sensing Band Stickers F03-26PTN 10 Stickers per set

Sensing Band

Name Model number Remarks
Liquid Leakage Sensing Band F03-15-1M Length: 1 m
F03-15-2M Length: 2 m
F03-15-5M Length: 5 m
F03-15-10M Length: 10 m
F03-15-15M Length: 15 m
F03-15-20M Length: 20 m
F03-15-25M Length: 25 m
F03-15-50M Length: 50 m
F03-15-75M Length: 75 m
F03-15-100M Length: 100 m
Sensing Band stickers F03-25 30 Stickers per bag

Note: 1. Specify the cable length for F03-15 from the list above.
           2. The cables can be cut.

Liquid Leakage Point Sensor


Product name Main material Cable material Electrode material Model
Liquid Leakage Point
Polyethylene Outer sheath: PVC
Inner sheath: Fluoroplastic
SUS304 F03-16PS
SUS304 and fluoroplastic
F03-16PS-F *1
Mounting Brackets *2 --- --- F03-26PS
Terminal Block *3 Nylon 6.6 --- --- F03-20

*1. The electrode is fluoroplastic-coated.
*2. Use a commercially available bonding agent for PVC. One bag contains 10 Brackets.
*3. One bag contains 10 Blocks.