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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Non-lighted Pushbutton Switch

These Non-lighted Pushbutton Switches mount in holes with a 10.5-mm diameter. A built-in basic switch provides a sure click feel in operation. The Operation Unit is available in six colors: Blue, black, green, red, white, and yellow.

Non-lighted Pushbutton Switch List

There are 3 products of Non-lighted Pushbutton Switch.

ZAP Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 30-dia.) ZAP

Long Service Life with Built-in Z-series Basic Switch

VAQ Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 10.5-dia.) VAQ

Built-in V-series Miniature Basic Switch for Compatibility with Business and Consumer Equipment

A2A Subminiature Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 10.5-dia.) A2A

High-performance Pushbutton Switch with Built-in Subminiature Basic Switch