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High-function General-purpose Inverters


Versatile for a Wide Range of Applications

High performance to match your application

Free to program

3G3RX-V1 Features 2

Drive Programming enables you to make your own programs to suit your machine, e.g. for an unwinding application. Up to 1000 lines of code and 5 tasks running in parallel in 2 programming modes.
(CX-Drive version 2.72 or higher is required.)

Positioning functionality

3G3RX-V1 Features 3

Simple positioning is handled by the inverter itself without the need for an external motion controller. Functions include pulse trace position control mode, homing and position teaching.

Network Integration

3G3RX-V1 Features 4

Standard industrial networks, such as EtherCAT, CompoNet or DeviceNet as options. High-speed EtherCAT provides solutions for the entire system from input to output with Sysmac Series. Built-in RS-485 Modbus communications.

Vector Control

3G3RX-V1 Features 5

In addition to V/f control, the following control methods are included. This enables a 200% starting torque at 0.3 Hz.
-Sensorless vector control
-Sensorless vector control in 0-Hz domain
-Vector control with a PG

Space and cost saving

3G3RX-V1 Features 6

The RX-V1 has built-in radio noise filter/EMC filter* that saves on costs and space compared with the standard external filter solution.
* Selectable