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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


A wide range of adjusters to mount Photoelectric Sensors, Covers, Mounting Brackets, Slits, Reflectors, and Hand-held Checkers are available.

Accessories List

There are 3 products of Accessories.

E39-L93[] / L150 / L151 / L98 Sensor Adjuster, Cover Fittings E39-L93[] / L150 / L151 / L98

Easy to Adjust for the Required Application with a Broad Range of Variations

E39-L / -S / -R Mounting Brackets, Slits, Reflectors E39-L / -S / -R

Wide Variations of Mounting Brackets, Slits and Reflectors

E39-VA Hand-held Checker E39-VA

Handheld Power Supply to Check Sensor Operation