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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Built-in Amplifier

With these Photoelectric Sensors, the amplifier is built into the Sensor Head.

Built-in Amplifier List

There are 22 products of Built-in Amplifier.

E3AS Series Distance-settable Photoelectric Sensor E3AS Series

E3AS Series changes the “way of using” reflective photoelectric sensors

E3ZR-C Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensors E3ZR-C

Photoelectric Sensors That Withstand Cutting Oil to Reduce Failures Caused by Ingress of Cutting Oil

E3Z-[]-IL[] IO-Link Photoelectric Sensor E3Z-[]-IL[]

IO-Link Makes Sensor Level Information Visible and Solves the Three Major Issues at Manufacturing Sites! Standard Photoelectric Sensor.

E3S-DC Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DC

Color Mark Detection on Any Type of Packaging. Narrow Beam and Large Lens for Stable Detection of Workpieces Tilted at Various Angles.

E3S-DB Transparent Object Detection Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DB

Superb Detection of Many Types of Transparent Objects

E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB Photoelectric Sensors E3FA, E3RA, E3FB, E3RB

A new generation in sensing performance

E3F3 Photoelectric Sensor E3F3

Threaded Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier for Use as an Optical Proximity Sensor High Noise-immunity with Photo-IC Technology

E3T Ultracompact, Ultrathin Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier E3T

The Improved E3T Series with Easier, Smoother Mounting and Installation

E3Z Compact Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier E3Z

The Standard for Photoelectric Sensors with a Secure Track Record of One Million Sold Yearly.

E3ZM-V Color Mark Detection Compact Photoelectric Sensor E3ZM-V

Color Mark Detection in a World-standard Size (11 × 21 × 32 mm), with High-speed Response (50 μs) and Accuracy in Spite of Sensing Object Movement

E3ZM-C Oil-resistant, Robust, Compact Photoelectric Sensor E3ZM-C

Photoelectric Sensor for the Automotive and Machine Tool Industries

E3ZM Compact Photoelectric Sensor with Stainless Steel Housing E3ZM

Stainless Steel Housing Ideal for Food Industry (PAT Pending)

E3Z-LS Distance-settable Photoelectric Sensor E3Z-LS

Distance-settable Sensor Unaffected by Workpiece Color and Background

E3Z-G Grooved-type Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier E3Z-G

Photoelectric Sensor with Grooved Design and Easy Settings

E3S-C Oil-resistive, Long-range Photoelectric Sensor with Metal Housing E3S-C

Water- and Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor with Metal Housing Used for Long-range Sensing

E3S-CL Distance-settable Photoelectric Sensor with Metal Case E3S-CL

Simply Set the Distance to Reliably Detect Workpieces of Various Colors

E3S-LS3[] PCB Sensors E3S-LS3[]

Reliable Detection Unaffected by PCB Holes or Notches

E3S-R Transparent Object Detection Sensor E3S-R

Ideal for Detecting Glass Wafers and Other Transparent Objects

E3FC Photoelectric sensors in M18 stainless steel housing E3FC

Best durability for wash-down applications