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Programmable Multi-Axis Controller CK3M-series CPU Unit


Multi-axis control with a fastest servo cycle time of 50 μs/5 axes enables precision machining

Maximize your machine's performance

Performing precise linear motor drive control and nanoscale positioning, the PMAC (Programmable Multi Axis Controller) has been appreciated by manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other leading-edge equipment.
Omron now offers a next generation motion controller CK3M that packs PMAC’s superior motion control capability, multi-vendor connectivity, and flexible development capability into its compact design. The CK3M removes constraints and barriers and maximizes your machine’s capabilities.


【 Nano-level high-precision control 】

Ultra-fast calculation takes high-speed, high-precision control to a new dimension. Its overwhelming calculation speed boosts your machine’s precision.

Ultra-high-speed synchronous control

The CK3M delivers world-beating*1 output speeds : 50 μs / 5 axes.
Ultra-high-speed feedback control enables precise path control in precision machining.
*1. Omron survey as of March 2018.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 4

Fast servo cycle time for precise path control

The CK3M receives a feedback value and generates a command value to adjust to the target value at a high speed, providing more precise path control.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 5


【 Optimize system configuration 】

You can freely use multi-vendor actuators and encoders, which maximizes your machine’s performance.

Advanced encoders

The capability to accept the A/B phase signals and parallel binary signals from serial data interfaces enables high-precision positioning using advanced encoders.

Various actuators

Axes can be controlled by analog Commands(DAC) and Direct PWM.
The CK3M can interface with virtually any type of motor including voice coil motors and linear motors to provide precise machine operation.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 9

EtherCAT® interface

The built-in EtherCAT® communications port is used to connect EtherCAT® slaves including servo drives, inverters, vision systems, sensors, and I/O. Flexible systems can be configured.


【 Continuous development through customization 】

The PMAC architecture with flexible function development capability helps you realize your ideas such as incorporation of your own algorithms.

Programming flexibility

G-Code, ANSI C, or original programming language allows you to create complex and advanced algorithms.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 14

You can create programs to control robots that follow complex paths.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 15

In addition to customizing standard G-Code functions, you can also incorporate your own G-Code functions.

Custom servo algorithms

Full closed loop control by servo drives can be incorporated into the controller. You can customize machine control such as vibration suppression optimized for the machine mechanism.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 16


【 Easy to use like a PLC 】

Its compact design facilitates installation in the control panel.
Unit connection without tools and DIN track mounting make installation and replacement more efficient.

Modular design

The modular design allows you to freely combine the CK3M with CK3W units to enable a variety of applications.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 19

Tool-free connection & compact size

Units can be easily connected without tools. Its compact design*2 reduces control panel size.

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 20

*2. CK3W-PD + CK3M-CPU + two CK3W-AX

DIN track mounting

CK3M-CPU1[]1 Features 22

Units can be easily mounted on a DIN track in a control system.