Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Expand material-handling applications with OMRON’s i4L SCARA robot.

The i4L is a compact SCARA robot which offers strong performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

The i4L robot is capable of high speed, high-precision motion with payloads up to 5kg. Its compact design and flexible programming make it ideal for a wide variety of robot applications including digital assembly.

More options than ever before.

OMRON has taken our standard SCARA robot to the next level by appealing to a variety of applications
allowing for more productivity within the workplace. The i4L’s speed helps to expedite material handling and
helps to reduce material costs, while freeing human resources for other tasks that maximize productivity.


The best performing industrial robot solution for your factory.

The i4L offers high-end inertia and repeatability for a light duty SCARA robot, providing all the performance necessary for your application. Get to work faster with simple integration, and synchronization by deploying multiple robots and reducing set up complexity and programming time.

Simple integration.

The i4L offers simple integration within a compact design and footprint. Installation is simple since the robot can be mounted on a horizontal surface (table mount) or a vertical surface (wall mount) without the need for additional adapters or brackets. Cable connections can be arranged so that they exit through the mounting surface or are parallel to the mounting surface.

Optimize your line with maximum uptime.

The i4L helps maximize uptime by means of interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light. The i4L robot diagnoses problems faster with its unique and highly visible multi-colored LED light dome which provides predictive maintenance and convenient indication of the robot status.

Expand your material-handling applications
with OMRON’s i4L SCARA robot today.